Buildup buster

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Buildup Buster marks DevaCurl's entrance into the Treatment category; common for prestige hair brands, but brand new to the DevaCurl line. The product also marks the first use of micellar technology (usually reserved for skincare) into the world of hair.

The launch campaign for Buildup Buster was meant to match its product attributes; a sleek, shiny exterior that gives its user an instant transformation by removing all the bad stuff from their hair. The foil packaging is a departure from the usual DevaCurl green, signifying an elevated category and special usage, and the elements of the activation follow suit with pops of color and a literal representation of "bounce". A partnership with dance exercise brand 305 Fitness truly brings that bounce to life, as the wavy, curly, and super curly trainers from the company are featured at the forefront of the print, digital, video, and social pieces of the campaign.